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James A. Stuber has dedicated his career to public policy, law and entrepreneurship.  He began his career as legislative assistant to a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, focusing on matters before the Committee on Energy and Commerce.  He subsequently practiced legislative and administrative law in Washington, D.C.,


After moving his law practice to West Palm Beach, Florida, Jim assisted clients in foreign direct investment in the United States, and served as president of the World Trade Council of Palm Beach County and as a legal adviser to the World Trade Center of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, working with the U.S. Department of Commerce in the promotion of U.S. exports.  He also was legal counsel and interim CEO of a major destination marketing corporation, and was a candidate for election in the 16th Congressional District of Florida. 


As an entrepreneur and attorney, Jim has been a co-founder or key team member of a number of emerging growth companies in the technology sector.  Jim has a passion for staunching the flow of American jobs overseas and brining jobs back to America in large part due to his family’s background in steelmaking in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  In pursuit of that passion, Jim has founded Made in America Again, a movement of consumers dedicated to creating jobs in communities across America by buying things made in those communities. 


        Jim holds bachelors and masters degrees in political science from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University, respectively, and a law degree from Georgetown University.  He resides in Berwyn, PA with his wife and four children.


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